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Dr. Larson's™ Up & Over™ Plus - 14 Liter Pail


Designed to impact a dairy cow suffering from, or at risk for, milk fever, fatty liver or ketosis. A University of Idaho study shows 8.3 lbs / day milk increase during the first two weeks of lactation after use of Up & Over Plus. The original Up & Over formula plus 10 grams of Niacin per dose.

  • 400 grams per dose Calcium Propionate (glucose precursor)
  • 400 grams per dose Propylene Glycol
  • 100 grams per dose Elemental Calcium
  • 10 grams per dose Niacin
  • Non-caustic - will not cause burning of the esophagus
  • Increases appetite, feed consumption and milk production
  • 14 dose pail
  • Med-Eze Stomach Pump delivers full dose in three strokes (335 ml / stroke)

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