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Anesthesia Chamber, Large - 21" x 7" x 7"


  • Anesthesia Chambers allow a method of anesthetic induction without use of short-acting barbiturates.  Removable dividers accommodate various size animals - eliminating wasted gas and saving money. Closed airtight system creates a healthy atmosphere for working staff. Using the chamber allows a quick and humane induction method to patient, with less anesthetic exposure to veterinarian and staff during a potentially difficult procedure. Lid seals tightly preventing loss of anesthetic gas.
  • Designed for use with laboratory species, birds, feline, canine, ferrets, mink, rabbits, raccoons, skunks and reptiles
  • Manufactured of clear, durable polycarbonate allowing for close observation of the patient during induction (particularly important because airway obstruction is possible)
  • Versatile and practical, removable chamber dividers allow chambers to accommodate various size animals (excess chamber volume will slow the rise in anesthetic concentration and the onset of induction)
  • Lid has a handle to aid in transportation of the animal from the cage to the induction area
  • All ports are strategically located in multiple positions per chamber space
  • Unlike acrylic chambers, may be cleaned with most antiseptics
  • Custom manufacturing is available for specific needs
  • Warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing for thirty (30) days from the date of shipment of product to customer

Includes removable divider offering three variable-sized compartments for a small dog to a large size cat up to 15 lbs.

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