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Foal Aspirator / Resuscitator Kit


The McCulloch Medical Aspirator / Resuscitator Kit is an effective, all-in-one device used to clear respiratory passages and pump air into a struggling newborn animal’s lungs. The Aspirator / Resuscitator has been developed, tested and proven globally over 16 years for use with newborn animals in respiratory arrest or having difficulty breathing. Ideal for use with animals requiring resuscitation in post-trauma, drowning or smoke-inhalation status. This simple and convenient instrument aspirates on one end and resuscitates on the other, delivering an appropriate volume of air with or without oxygen. McCulloch Medical Aspirator / Resuscitator Pumps are available in four sizes based on the weight of the animal and can be matched with a variety of Aspirator / Resuscitator Mask sizes. A vital tool for all veterinarians, farmers, breeders and pet owners.

  • Easy-to-use and convenient - only one person is needed to operate system using simple push-pull action
  • Safe, effective and humane - eliminates traditional revival methods such as shaking or swinging
  • Pumps and Masks are long lasting and durable - accompanied by a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Easily cleaned in 1:20 solution of bleach and water
  • Supplemental Oxygen Adapter available, offering ability to resuscitate with or without oxygen
  • May be purchased in a convenient kit specific to an animal species
  • Kit includes:
    • Aspirator / Resuscitator Pump
    • Aspirator Mask
    • Resuscitator Mask
    • Supplemental Oxygen Adapter
    • Oxygen Recovery Mask
    • Carrying Case
    • instructions

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