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LectraVet™ Injection System


  • Battery driven electric vaccinator designed for high volume animal processing with reliable and consistent dosage delivery
  • With recent improvements, LectraVet is proven to be a consistent and reliable vaccine and medicant delivery instrument for treating animals in high volume and confinement operations
    • Useful with swine, cattle, poultry and any livestock handling operations
    • Electronics provide users with consistent and reliable systems and counts, as well as storage information
    • Perforator needles were originally designed to fit the LectraVet system, as they do not break, however Genesis now offers a conventional luer lock needle mount to accommodate standard 3/8” and 1/2” needles
    • Perforators were designed to withstand many vaccinations with no breakage, as the perforator penetrates the epidermis and then propels medication subcutaneous of intramuscular
    • High quality precision instrument requires user awareness for proper care and maintenance
    • LectraVet has evolved into a highly reliable instrument that performs to expectations of value, reliablilty and superior performance

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